Everyone has a story. Everyone loves to hear a good story. And everyone loves to share a good story.

That’s why we’re here. Motional brings good stories to life in ways that people want to discover them. And once they do, they’ll feel compelled to share them.

Because when the stories are that good, that’s just what people do.

Everyone is a storyteller. It’s a very human experience. Motional draws on that truth, integrating compelling photography with documentary-style film and journalistically inspired editorial to build a completely shareable and undeniably moving piece.

It sounds like a mouthful. That’s why we keep it simple. We’re telling stories.

Those stories spotlight the human connection. They capture raw emotion. They illustrate why someone or some company does what it does, instead of just saying what it’s doing.

We capture the story behind the story.

That’s the difference. That’s where the connection begins. Motional brings the “why” to life.

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Vintage caboose finds new start at AZ golf course

Pine Canyon relies on railroad roots to refresh golfers headed to the back nine.

Making a difference with your passion project

Mental health, eating disorders, orphans. Causes benefitting from an unusual crowdfunding site that focuses on public health AND matches donations.

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Josh can often be quoted as saying, “That’s a good story,” with emphasis on that first, critical word.
Lisa has a contradictory, raging love affair with commas and short, emphatic sentences. She can’t help it. And, she’s not looking to change.