“We all get excited to tell our friends about something cool or crazy that happened to us. We’re like, ‘Dude, did you hear what happened yesterday?’ That’s how I feel about storytelling. Minus the dude part, though.”
Josh can often be quoted as saying, “That’s a good story,” with emphasis on that first, critical word. A former journalist, Josh is a polished, published author who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his ability to uncover quality stories that will resonate with an audience, be it within the construction industry, the education sector, or the nonprofit arena.

He knows how to capture the chilling moments, the ones that stick with someone, and fold them into compelling editorial pieces that can’t not be shared. Josh can wax about the hallowed history of a commercial building, he can set a critical scene during an addict’s recovery, and he can shine a light on the spectacular accomplishments of today’s youth in ways that make you feel proud and a tad bit lazy.

Ask around, and most would say Josh’s best quality is his timing. He can serve a one-liner like a comedic ninja.
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